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      Industrial hazardous waste disposal
      Product Introduction

      CN Sci & Tech works to solve the technical and economic problems of industrial waste recycling in production. It has built a comprehensive recovery line (200000 tons) of solid and hazardous waste, and has obtained the qualification of utilizing the recycled waste. The company's projects adopt domestic and foreign advanced wet metal extraction under normal temperature and atmospheric pressure, separation technology and oxygen-rich side-blown smelting process, which can recycle and conduct the harmless disposal of solid and hazardous waste with different contents, and produce nickel sulfate, matte nickel, cobalt salt, cathode copper, wear-resistant materials, sodium sulfite and so on.

      Categories and Sources
      The hazardous waste business license shall prevail in the specific qualification of hazardous waste disposal. If you are interested, please contact us
      Business Process
      Qualified to collect, store, and utilize the hazardous waste which accords with the national standards


      Multiple detection procedures and strict inspection and identification process


      Transportation and trans-provincial transfer

      process are under the whole management


      Strict control on the storage

      requirements of hazardous waste


      A comprehensive solution by combining wet process and pyrotechnic process


      Comprehensive products
      In addition to harmless treatment of waste, we focus on metal enrichment and recovery as inspired by the fully- recycling environmental protection technology. In the process of comprehensive utilization, the solid waste will be finally made into wear-resistant materials for rust removal and high-quality cement. The waste water is monitored day and night. Via advanced flue gas desulfurization equipment, the sulfide gas is made into sodium sulfite which can be used as the raw material for industrial production. Through the continuous breakthrough of technology and the concept of sustainable environmental protection, we create a green recycling system for metal materials。
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